NSF Dear Colleague Letter 21-033:
Advancing Quantum Education and Workforce Development
Webinar Series

Quantum DCL Webinar 1

 Tuesday, April 27

1-2:30 PM ET

Join program directors from LSAMP, ITEST, IUSE, ATE,


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NSF DCL 21-033

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An informational webinar series designed for the education research community in order to advance quantum information science and engineering (QISE) through existing EHR funding opportunities.

Quantum DCL Webinar 2

Tuesday, June 29

1-2:30 PM ET

Join program directors from AGEP, DRK-12, ECR, HBCU-UP, NRT, REU, and the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

Quantum DCL Webinar 3

Friday, August 27

1-2:30 PM ET

Join program directors from AISL, CyberCorps SFS and SaTC-EDU, GRFP, IGE, INCLUDES, and RETTL.

Hosted by STELAR on behalf of the National Science Foundation

Learn more about NSF's investments in Quantum research. Image credit: Nicolle R. Fuller/ NSF