NSF 21-033
Dear Colleague Letter: Advancing Quantum Education and Workforce Development

The National Science Foundation published NSF 21-033, “Advancing Quantum Education and Workforce Development” in December 2020. This Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) encourages submission of proposals for projects that will motivate and prepare students for quantum industries of the future. The National Science Foundation (NSF) is interested in preparation of students for quantum information science and engineering (QISE) at all levels and in all settings, both formal and informal. The DCL provides information and links for existing NSF funding opportunities in the NSF Directorate for Education and Human Resources that can support education-related research and development to prepare a diverse QISE workforce.

View the entire DCL announcement on the NSF website.

The NSF program directors will host a series of webinars to present and answer questions about this DCL and how it relates to each of the EHR programs included.

The last webinar was held on Tuesday, June 29th, and featured program directors from AGEP, DRK-12, ECR, HBCU-UP, NRT, and the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program. Sign up for the June webinar!

The first webinar was held on Tuesday, April 27th, and featured program directors from LSAMP, ITEST, IUSE, ATE, S-STEM, and GRFP.

Watch the April webinar!

Watch the June webinar!

Upcoming dates to be announced.